Road Safety and Traffic Management to youngsters

Great working along side SCS Railways providing vital information on road safety and traffic management to keen youngsters at St Ann’s School. Providing various fun ways in the importance of being aware of your surroundings, it sounds like the Buzz Lightyear display on the variable messaging sign went down a treat.

Lisa Quinn from Ealing Send Hub said “As you saw yourselves, the students and teachers loved it. One of the teachers commented that it is so hard to drive home the importance of learning from traffic signs/equipment while actually out on the road because it’s real and busy and distracting”

She added, “What you all did by bringing this equipment into their playground and setting up a safe area for them to practise was a huge deal. Thank you for going so out of your way to provide such an important learning experience!”

Well done all, and thank you John Woodiwiss from our Wembley Depot for your dedication in getting the right message across.

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