Looking to a positive future

Steve came to Hatton Traffic Management from Novus whom deliver a high quality education, training and employment opportunities for men, women and young people in custodial settings. After 18 months of employment Steve has worked hard delivering great results for our Northern UK team.

Steve says “Having a job on leaving prison has helped loads, it’s helped to keep me out of trouble and the structure is good. My advice is definitely work hard and keep your head down, it’s not worth going back to prison.

Darren Ryan, Regional Manager for the North says “Steven made a really good impression from his first interview. He found his feet early on and once he got to know the lads he was working with he turned out to be a very good worker. He’s a very quick learner, he asks a lot of questions.”

To read the Novus article regarding Stevens ongoing success with ourselves here at Hatton please read HERE.