Jet moved to Norwich Aviation Museum

Aircraft Movement

We helped close the roads by Norwich Airport in the early hours of Halloween to help Quinto Crane & Plant Ltd move this awesome CityJet Avro RJ85 to its new home, the City of Norwich Aviation Museum.

The Bae146/Avro RJ is a four-engine high-wing aircraft which operated out of many city airports, with the quiet operation helping its success. It was marketed as the “whisper” jet and because it could take off and land on shorter runways it was most popular airports with those restrictions, such as London City.

Did you know:

-The RJ Series had three configurations – the RJ70 with 70-82 seats, the RJ85 with 85-100 seats and RJ100 with 97-112 seats.

-With 387 aircraft produced, the Avro RJ/BAe 146 is said to have been the most successful British civil jet airliner programme.

-British Aerospace’s Avro RJ Series evolved from the BAe 146 regional and short-haul jet and was introduced in 1993.

Not something you see everyday. 


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