Hostile Vehicle Mitigation and Barrier Protection Services

Tyne Bridge with Barriers Installed

Hatton Traffic Management is supporting events across the UK to install hostile vehicle mitigation barriers. This is due to threat of hostile vehicles entering a sensitive public area. Because of recent events this is becoming a requirement on almost all sensitive public events scheduled across the UK.

Please contact us for any advice or support you need and we will be happy to help.

Hostile Vehicle Mitigation is a generic term that covers a range of anti-terrorist protective measures that are often employed around buildings or publicly accessible spaces and venues of particular significance. The design of these various vehicle security barriers when security authorities across the globe sought to mitigate the effects of vehicle borne improvised explosive devices. The sorts of places that warrant consideration as potential terrorist targets in need of Hostile Vehicle Mitigations include: government buildings, airports, large railway stations, sports venues, concentrations of entertainment and crowded night time economy.